2008-2009 Lecture Series

Jerry Zaslove
Professor emeritus, Humanities and English, Simon Fraser University
Mindfulness Toward Memory in Four Photographic Objects
Tuesday, 23 September, at 18:30

William A. Ewing
Director, Musée de l'Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland
Jack's True Calling
Tuesday, 21 October, at 18:30

Elizabeth Edwards
Professor and Senior Research Fellow, University of the Arts London
Unblushing Realism' and the Threat of the Pictorial: Photography, Evidence and the Problem of Style
Tuesday, 4 November, at 18:30

John Raeburn
Professor of American Studies and English, the University of Iowa
Tradition and Modernity in Ben Shahn's American Scene, 1938
Monday, 19 January, at 18:30

Carol Williams
Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair in Feminism & Gender Studies, Trent University
Puncturing History’s Blindness
Monday, 9 March, at 18:30