"Jack's True Calling"

Tuesday 21 October at 18:30 in EV 1.615
Concordia University

William A. Ewing
Director, Musée de l'Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland

Judging from the number of influential magazines which have published his portrait full-page, along with admiring commentaries, Jack Whitten is arguably the most famous photographer alive. Jack found 'his true calling', photography, late in life, and having thrown himself into his new love, is now reaping the benefits. Yet few people have ever met or talked with Jack. A single photograph of the artist at work reveals the secrets of this astonishing success story.

William Ewing is an internationally recognized curator and writer on photography. Founder of the Optica Center for Contemporary Art in Montreal (1972), he went on to the International Center of Photography in New York (1977-1984), then continued his career in Europe, becoming director of the Musée de l'Elysée in 1996. His exhibitions have toured worldwide. His landmark publications include: The Body: Photographs of the Human Form (1994); reGeneration: 50 photographers of Tomorrow (2005); The Face: The New Photographic Portrait (2006); Edward Steichen; Lives in Photography (2007); Ray K. Metzker: Light Lines (2008); and Edward Steichen: In High Fashion, 1923-1937 (2008-9).


Image: Wealth management advertisement, detail.